Welcome to the MIB Services registration portal

A web application which allows organisations to register for MIB’s subscription based enquiry services.

Getting started

To register, there is a simple registration process to complete.

You will first need to sign up by providing a nominated administrator for your organisation who will need to provide their name and contact details including their email address. Your administrator will act as the primary contact for your company and will be responsible for managing your subscription renewal.

For more details about the registration process and the information you will be asked to provide when completing the registration form, please review the registration guide available below.

Register now

What happens next?

MIB will review your submitted registration and might ask for further information to be supplied prior to approving it.

Once your registration has been approved, your nominated administrator will receive an email instruction telling them what to do next including paying subscription fees and creating user accounts for your users to make an enquiry.

Already registered?

If your company’s registration has been approved, you will have been supplied with a notification email to create your own user login details.

Please contact your nominated administrator if you are unable to remember your login details.

If you have already created your login details, then you can login to the MIB services portal below.